Your are looking for custom fruit gum?
But don't have your own shape?
Standard shapes don't fit, either?

  • More than 200 fruit gum shapes – constantly growing!
  • Desired shape mixed colourfully, matching your advertising message.
  • Own colour and taste possible for an extra charge.
  • Also vegan, organic, sugar-reduced or with food supplements.
  • Starting from 15.000 pieces – WITHOUT tool costs!

Talk to us. We are happy to help you.

Describe the special fruit jelly shape you are looking for with one word, the search starts automatically after three characters.

10 g: Fruit jelly mould is suitable for 10g sachets (e.g. 85 x 60 mm) as well as larger formats
20 g: Fruit jelly mould is suitable for 20 g sachets (e.g. 100 x 75 mm) as well as larger formats (unsuitable for 10 g sachets)
XXL: Fruit jelly shape requires a larger bag size. Unsuitable for 10g or 20g sachets. Please contact us!

Standard   Standardform: Available in standard colours and flavours from as little as 3,500 pieces.

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